Romantic I Love You Messages for Her

12. Woman Like You
One touch, two kicks, pillow fight, locking lips, cuddling with you, kitchen moments together and the unending arguments over things so irrelevant, who wouldn’t love a woman like you?
My favorite person, I love you too much!
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13. Blossom Again
I know how hard it is for you to overlook my faults and take me back, but I know a part of you still wants me ’cause that part in me never stopped wanting you. Let’s make it right and let our love blossom again.
14. Our Love
A little love grown to much and then full grown to maturity, I think that’s the journey of our love and it will keep growing till it bears fruit, beautiful ones at that.
15. Sweet kisses to You
To the one that makes my heart beats to the rhythm of a matchless love every night and day, sweet kisses to you!
16. All the warmth my life needed were found on a platter of gold… All because I found you, sweetheart. I love you.
17. I looked forward to the moon to always brighten my night and finding you brightened my life nonstop!
18. If I’ll ever pray for any changes, it won’t be that my heart is changed for you. You’re my constant K!
19. You’re the definition of a perfect love. You’re the epitome of awesomeness. I love you beyond words.
20. I can’t deviate from the path of matchless love for you, my love. You’re the centre of my world and your heart knows!
Sweet Love Text Messages for Her from the Heart
21. There are 7 billions of people in the world today, just one of them has my heart – and that’s yo!
22. I’ve got my mind made up and I won’t turn back from loving you. You’re my lasting breath!
23. Since I’ve found you, my heart has found its rest, its eternal home in undying love. I love you so much!
24. I have found an unspeakable completeness because I found you. Your love is the missing piece in me! I love you.
25. The love I’ve ever had for you is unbreakable and unshakeable. Guess what? It’ll remain intact as long as I breathe. I love you.
26. Finding you was the piece my heart, body and soul lacked. I can’t thank God enough for you, the gift of love from Him!
27. We keep on rocking! We’re two hearts joined together in perpetual affection… We’re inseparably awesome!
28. Our love has found its way to the world with no fears and no limitations. The world of untold bliss!
29. It’s a rapturous feeling to know that my heart can find a lasting rest in yours! I’m loving you until the end of time!
30. No matter how hard loving you will be, I’ll be giving my all to make sure your heart is secure in love!
31. You keep giving reasons that you’re the core of my hearts essence in love! I just can’t live without you!
32. Having you in my life is the definition of fortune, the greatest description of luck! Thanks for being in my heart!
33. Since you keep proving to me that you’re bae, you deserve the “Before Anyone Else” treat, forever in my heart!
34. I’ve only caught a glimpse of love until I met you. Now my whole world is wrapped in am endless measure of love’s dictates!
35. Your love is undeniable because my heart professes its dictates since I met you. I’m loving you forever!
Beautiful Love Text Messages for Her from the Heart
36. You’ve shown me the reason to keep falling in love with you. I’ve finally found a place to live and that’s your heart!
37. Your love is the ember of affection that sets my heart on fire, strengthening the core of my being! I love you.
38. Without your heart, mine isn’t special. Without your love, the world makes no sense!
39. I keep wondering how I’ve managed to live without the awesomeness that your love now gives! I’m loving you forever, my queen.
40. I’ll call me emptiness if I have not your love. Your love keeps filling me up with savoury affection.

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Romantic I Love You Messages for Her

Is she tired or bored of reading yout love messages? No problem. Check out these love messages that will make her blush throughout the day.

1. I’m Glad You Showed Up
A lone tree is easily blown away by the storms and the wind has a high power on a tree that stands alone. Now I understand that I shouldn’t be alone ’cause I’ll be prone to so much hurts. I’m glad you showed up in my life and together we will overcome every storm.
I love you my partner and my all.

2. Kissed My Fears Away
Trapped in fear of being hurt again. I recall all that had happened to me before, I was scared of loving deeply but you came and kissed my fears away.
You showed a better part of love and renewed my heart to learn to love again.
How can I ever put you away? I love you dearly.
I Love You Text Messages for Her from the Heart

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3. Your Charm
Where did you get the charm in your smile? From the very first day I saw you, I have been held bound by this smile. How you hardly get angry is a wonder to me. Are you faking it? But I don’t think so ’cause everything about you looks so real.
Your charm sure did a lot of magic in my mind towards you.
I love you my smiling Princess.

4. Deepest Grounds Of My Heart
Your love laying in the deepest grounds of my heart, making naked hopes clad, not leaving me to my plight or leaving me to crash. Your kind of woman is rare and I just want to scream for everyone to know that I love you more than words could describe.

5. I Really Do
Sometimes I feel like I’m imprisoned by your love. Your voice in my head, singing the same song on repeat and I am here humming to the music in my head. Everything about you just hold me back.
All I can say is “I love you and I really do.”

6. Push Me
Somewhere on the paths of your soul, there my dreams get born. You keep them alive just so they won’t die. You motivate me and push me to the edge till I carry out all of it. I can attribute all my success today to you because you’re a great woman.
I love you, my dear.

7. Captivated
I’m trapped. Not by a snare but by you and even in this trap, I feel all the joy I’ve desired in a woman and all my hopes are being fulfilled in you. So I’m not really trapped, just captivated by the kind of woman you are.

8. More Often
Some day soon we will dance holding hands more often.
Kiss away each other’s tears. Share moments of joy, stare into your grey eyes more often and cheer each other up at every instance.
I love you and I patiently look forward to that day.

9. You Deserve More
I’ll open the door for you to go in, hold your hand along the path, stroke your hair and give you that massage you always crave for during those cramps, not just for a while but as long as my strength can carry me. You deserve more than that my lady. I love you much!

10. Always Turn Me On
The one who knows my default and active settings, you always turn me on. I love the love you lavish on me, don’t ever think of stopping ’cause I’m not yet tired of that.

11. Embrace Love
My friend, partner, though the talk of insecurity scares me, but I am rest assured that we are secured together.
Let’s embrace love and embrace each other always.

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5 reasons to use onion for hair growth and 3 ways to do so

Hair loss is something that can really startle you, but there’s no need to panic. Instead, look to natural remedies and choose onion to help stimulate hair growth. Onion contains many antioxidants that are healthy for your hair and fight the loss of it.
Consider these 5 reasons to use onion to fight hair loss:

It Boosts Hair Growth Even in Alopecia Patients
Alopecia is a condition where hair loss occurs. When onion juice was massaged into the scalps of alopecia patients, hair growth was stimulated after around six weeks. This gives great promise of the method for everyone, even with severe hair loss.

It Fights Hair Loss Caused by Inflammation
The flavonoids in onions have important anti-inflammatory properties that fight hair loss by reducing free radical damage. Red onions contain a higher concentration of one bioflavonoid, quercetin, which prevents hair loss due to an inflammatory response.

It Fights Hair Loss Resulting from Infection
Sometimes hair loss occurs as the result of bacteria or fungus in your body. When this is the case, onions, which are rich in sulfur can help to fight hair loss.
It Boosts Hair Protein to Strengthen
Sulfur can help to stimulate hair regrowth by regenerating hair follicles. Your hair’s protein, keratin is made from a sulfur-rich amino acid called cysteine. Onion juice can also provide this element to your hair.

It Helps Prevent Hair Going Gray
Onion juice can fight the damage done to your hair by hydrogen peroxide used in processes like bleaching your hair. By fighting the damage, the onion juice prevents graying of your hair.

Now that you know the benefits and reasons to use onion for hair growth, choose one of these recipes to try for yourself:
Onion and Honey:

  1. Juice two medium sized onions and mix with two tablespoons of honey.
  2. Make a firm, not runny mixture.
  3. Using cotton, apply gently to your head.
  4. Massage gently and leave on for twenty minutes.
  5. Wash off with water or shampoo.
  6. Repeat two to three times per week.
  7. Onion Juice to Help Dandruff
  8. Steam an onion until soft and let cool.
  9. Add rum and cover mixture to sit overnight.
  10. Strain liquid and discard onion in the morning.
  11. Massage a bit of liquid into your scalp and leave on for fifteen minutes.
  12. Wash off with shampoo and repeat two or three times per week.

Onion Juice Rinse

  1. Chop four or five onions and boil them in one liter of water.
  2. Cool the mix and strain the liquid.
  3. After shampoo, rinse your hair with mixture.

This mixture can be used each time you shampoo your hair.
Once you start using onion juice in your hair, give it three months to start showing you results. As you know, onion has a strong smell, so add a few drops of scented oil to any mixture you choose to use for a more pleasant experience.

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We want you and those close to you to live a healthy, happy life! Your health is a valuable thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest – Remember you only get one!
Please share this with your friends and family and let us know what opinions you also have or you can share your testiomonies with us.

How to propose maturely to a girl

It’s Propose Day and time to pop the question to the girl of your dreams! Though being unique maybe the key to propose to a girl, you should be very well aware of the temperament of the girl as well.

Here are some ways listed to win over your lady love.

  • Be yourself: This is one of the most important things to be kept in mind. The girl should accept you for what you are. You should keep it simple and sweet while asking her out and pop the queation accordingly.
  • Bend down on your knees: This maybe one of the oldest ways to ask out a girl but it will sure shot turn out to be a winner. Women love their men to be chivalrous. A red rose in hand will be an icing on the cake.
  • Take her out to dinner to a nice place and make her feel special. Get some of her favourite tracks played there and order something exquisite and then ask her out.
  • Try and get a banner placed in front of her home or her workplace with a message. But remember not to use her real name. You can write what you call her personally.

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What we will now do to Yinka Ayefele – Gov. Ajimobi

The Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi has said it will now pardon Yinka Ayefele because of his appeal and not because he is physically challenged.

According to the governor, being physically challenged doesn’t give anyone the right to break the law.

He said this while reacting to the backlash he got for demolishing Ayefele’s Music House worth N800m.

In an interview with BBC, he said: “Ayefele didn’t obey the law. People are saying he should be pardoned because he is physically challenged.

“So, does being physically challenged give one the right to break the law? They said he employed people, but even thieves employ people. Should we say a thief should continue stealing because he employed people?

“And we warned him (Ayefele) about the building. Now that he has appealed, we will pardon him, but we must always obey the law.”

The Oyo State Government on Monday denied demolishing the music house of gospel musician, Yinka Ayefele, in Ibadan.

The government also expressed shock about the demolition, saying it was preparing to institute a panel of inquiry to unravel the identity of those who razed the N800m edifice.

The state government, through its counsel, Mr. Yomi Alliyu, made the denial when he appeared before Justice Iyabo Yerima of the State High Court, Ring Road, Ibadan, on Monday.

Alliyu appeared for the first and second defendants, Governor Abiola Ajimobi and Mr. Bola Abimbola (State Attorney-General), in a case instituted by Ayefele against the defendants.

The counsel said his clients were shocked to read about the reported demolition on Sunday morning.

According to him, the state government is planning to set up a panel of enquiry to find out those responsible for the demolition.

”My clients are men of honour that respect rule of law and constituted authority and will have no reason to demolish the said property,” he told the court.

Alliyu, who had earlier denied that his clients were served with court processes, quickly reversed himself when the judge showed him evidence of actual service on the first and second respondents.

The defence counsel, however, urged the court to adjourn the case pending the time the claimant would be able to file and serve his clients with notice of the ex-parte motion since the court was on vacation.

He said that filing of motion on notice and letter of urgency alone by the claimant was not enough.

But the claimant’s counsel, Mr. Olayinka Bolanle, had informed the court that the respondents had gone ahead to demolish the structure in spite of a court’s restraining order

“Even after the defendants had become aware of this proceedings, it is sad and unbelievable my Lord that the defendants in the wee hours of Sunday, Aug 19, went to the property in dispute and demolished it,” he told the court.

The claimant’s counsel urged the court to reiterate its earlier order restraining the defendants from further demolition of the rest of the structure pending the determination of the suit.

Justice Yerima adjourned the case until September 12 for hearing of applications and urged parties to file necessary processes before the adjourned date.

Wedding photos of a Nigerian man and his Brazilian fiancé

Wedding photos of a gay Nigerian man and his Brazilian husband have gone much viral on all social media platforms.

Yesterday, Nigerian born writer, and a published author, Michael Lord Smith got married to his Brazilian partner, Deck Farias in Sao Paolo.

It might be a crime in Nigeria for enganging in homosexuality attracting 14 years imprisonment, but it sure isn’t stopping gay people from being with their partners. Over the past few few, more Nigerians in diaspora are becoming opened about their status. Michael Lord Smith’s case is no different. The Nigerian author recently sealed the deal with his Brazilian gay lover, Deck Farias, in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The couple took to their respective Facebook pages to share the news with their friends. Michael on his part wrote:

“finally the appointed day has come. Thanks to everyone who made this special day possible. Join us In our marvelous journey ahead.”

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